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Our pigs are different. We have looked after pigs on our farm for over eighty years – four generations of our family have worked with pigs. That experience has taught us what a pig likes and needs. We understand pigs.

This ethical way of caring for pigs starts with leaving the piglets to suckle their mum for as long as possible. This extra time allows them to grow and develop a robust immunity.


A healthy immunity is important as it means that unlike most pig farms, we never have to routinely medicate our pigs. The diets are all produced on the farm using home grown crops. This very balanced nutrition underpins the excellent health that our pigs enjoy.

Coupled with a focus on good, chemical free nutrition, we also recognise the importance of providing the pigs with the right environment. Affording the pigs plenty of space at all ages is important. 

All of our pigs and the pork we sell from them is born, bred and reared here on our farm in the heart of Cornwall. Our pigs are born in large, spacious, straw bedded pens where the sow is free to roam and able to express her natural instinct for nest building. As the pigs grow, living on our homegrown straw allows them to enjoy rooting whilst having unlimited access to our cool, mineral rich borehole water.

It is our responsibility to ensure the pigs wellbeing. We are convinced that after eighty years of farming know-how, we look after our animals in the best possible way, producing happy, healthy pigs.

St Piran’s Pork:
Happy Pigs, Happy Planet, Happy Eating.

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