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Please find answers to common questions about St Piran's Pork below.

  • Is St Piran's Pork organic?
    No, although St Piran's Pork is produced in a farming system which adopts a lot of organic principles, the meat is not certified organic. This is partly to enable us to produce the very best meat at an affordable price, and not be forced to charge an "organic premium". By not being certified "organic" it also allows us , on the rare occasions that a pig becomes ill, to be able to use whatever treatments we deem most likely to give the pig the best chance of recovery.
  • Are the pigs kept outdoors?
    No. We have kept pigs in a variety of ways over the years, with the end goal of finding the very best welfare system available. Photos of happy pigs living outdoors in grassy meadows are very appealing. Unfortunately the reality, as we found over the years, is that pigs really struggle with any extreme weather conditions. The Summer months invariably trigger heat stress, which is very difficult for the pigs. Conversely in Winter the cold temperatures and in Cornwall, the high rainfall, cause a number of serious problems, such as hypothermia in piglets and poor body condition due to food wastage. These are among the reasons that caused us to bring the pigs indoors where they now seem much happier and healthier.
  • Delivery
    We currently offer a local delivery service throughout Cornwall. Once you have placed your order we will contact you to arrange a suitable day and time to deliver your order. We don't currently offer delivery outside of Cornwall but are working on providing this in the future. So sign-up for our email newsletter on this website and/or follow our Facebook page and we'll let you know when can deliver further afield.
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